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in Reviews - 16 Aug, 2014
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Product Review For Fiskars Staysharp Mower (6201)

Fiskars-Inch-Staysharp-Reel-Mower 4big

Are you fed up with your electrical, gas or cordless lawn mowers? If you are then, it is about time you shifted to the conventional push reel lawn mowers which will rid you of your extra bills and contribution to the environmental destruction caused by hazardous emissions.

The Fiskars6201 Overview:

Various elements and features that make up any tool determine its functionality and durability in the long run. To determine whether the Fiskars6201 matches your predilection or not, following is a thorough description of the novel features which you may properly scrutinize.

User friendly and Safe: Unlike other reel mowers, the Fiskars6201 is 60% easier to push and maneuver with the help of the InertiaDrive and a retractable handle which comes with comfortable padded grips. Moreover, you may even fold it up to store it away in compact spaces. The personnel at Friskars have also declared this as an extremely safe tool to have in your shed since it automatically shuts down when not in use and does not eject debris when in motion.

Performance: The InertiaDrive along with the 18 inch cut width and variable cutting heights between 1 to 4 inches, allows this strong mower twice as much cutting power than any other reel mowers. Since the blades don’t touch each other during operation, no hearing protection is needed as your mowing spree is quiet and peaceful. Another fancy feature that the Fiskars6201 exhibits is its ability to cut all types of grass in one pass without any hassle.

Parts and Performance: This state of the art mower is one of a kind with a StayShrp Cutting system which eliminates the added cost of getting your blades sharpened very often since the blades don’t touch each other frequently thus no friction. The large inset wheel design of an 18 inch diameter does not only allow you to cut your lawn in easy full strides but also cut easily from around flowerbeds without the added hassle of gas refills and chords. At 52 pounds, some may call this a heavy lawn mower but the weight only helps cut taller and thicker grass types. Furthermore, the grass clippings discharge from the front leaving your lowers and shoes dirt free, however there is also a detachable chute that you can attach in the front but it not highly recommended.

The Pros and Cons of buying the Fiskars6201:


  • Does not require any tune ups or gas refills.
  • Safe to use as blades stop when mower not in motion.
  • Cuts a wide area of 18 inches in one stride.


  • The longer the grass, the harder to mow.
  • Oil blade during winter.
  • Not suitable for large lawns.

What do customers have to say about the Fiskars6201:

Customer feedbacks have proven worthy in the past to manufacturers as well as potential shoppers. The Fiskars6201 received over 770 feedbacks of which 78% awarded it 4 and 5 stars singularly. They also commented on the large cutbacks in their monthly expenses since they started using a push reel lawn mower and also its efficiency in cutting the grass perfectly without getting themselves dirty since the clippings discharge from the front rather than the back. Other than the complaint about the Fiskars6201 not cutting anything longer than 6 inches, people seemed to enjoy the work out.


After properly examining the Fiskars6201’s features, I have come to a conclusion that this powerful lawn mower not only leaves you with a neatly manicured lawn but also gives you a chance to have a good workout equivalent to an aerobics work out. Its novel features such as the StaySharp system and 18 inch cutting width makes sure that your lawn is cut efficiently. At only $200, this mower is cheaper than cordless/electrical/gas mowers but much more durable and functional.