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in Reviews - 16 Aug, 2014
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Product Review For Black & Decker CM1836 Electric Lawn Mower


If there can be cordless phones and computers, then why can’t there be cordless lawn mowers? However, this is no longer a question anymore as inventors and technicians have come up with powerful lawn mowers such as the Black & Decker CM1836 that are not only energy efficient but also reduce your carbon foot print.

The Black & Decker CM1836 Overview:

You may come across many sources which generally exaggerate the worth of the product in question however, the only way you can determine any products real worth is by understanding its features. Following is a thorough overview of the features and characteristics of this Black and Decker lawn mower.

Power and Performance: If you are fed up with your electrical cord lawn mower then this is the perfect cordless lawn mower for you since it comes with a rechargeable 36Volts battery and an 18 inch deck that can cut one third of an acre lawn just in single charge. Moreover, since it is cordless, it releases no harmful emissions from its new improved motor and blade design. At only 64 pounds, its outer body is made of a hard durable plastic which is rust resistant and light weight.

User friendly Functions: A lot of buttons and levers can become confusing and inefficient, thus this user friendly lawn mower comes with a 1 touch lever adjustment which changes the cutting height on all wheels at once between 1.5 to 3.5 inches. For extra safety, the Black & Decker CM1836 has a key along with the pull of a handle which is used for starting it. You have the option to choose between 3 ways to deal with your clippings; mulching, discharging or bagging. The variable height in the wheels, 7 and 8 inches, allows you easy maneuverability around tight spaces.

Maintenance and Storage: Since the body is made of plastic, it doesn’t rust, and because it’s running on electricity so it doesn’t even require any tune ups or oil changes. Furthermore, you can easily fold it to store it in compact spaces.

The Pros and Cons of buying the Black & Decker CM1836:


  • No tune ups or trips to the service station.
  • Zero carbon foot print.
  • Large 3 in 1 deck.


  • Doesn’t tell the battery level.
  • Not good on wet grass.

What do customers have to say about the Black & Decker CM1836:

Black & Decker is known for its innovative technologies in outdoor tools and once again they have come up with something great and extraordinary as observed by most of their customers. 223 happy customers gave the Black & Decker CM1836 5 and 4 stars singularly out of a total of 296 feedbacks which determines that this powerful lawn mower has stolen the hearts of many. They complimented on its ability to mow a decent sized lawn in very less time without the added hassles of a chord coming in the way or any added bills of electricity or gas. But there were also some unhappy customers who complained that the mower did not come with a removable battery when it needed to charge so they had the drag the whole unit to a socket when the battery was low.


When we think of a perfectly manicured lawn, we inevitably get shivers down our spine because of the added hard work related to mowing as well as maintaining your lawn mower. However, the Black & Decker CM1836 comes free from all these hassles by saving you time, effort and also money. It doesn’t require regular tune ups and its plastic body is rust resistant so corrosion over time is not an option either. Thus, if you are a working individual looking for an easy but worthy way out, then you ought to buy the Black & Decker CM1836 for only $320 on Amazon and enjoy a well maintained lawn longer than having to mow it.