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in Reviews - 16 Aug, 2014
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Black & Decker LM175 Electric Mower


Advancements in technology have led to the advent of electrical lawn mowers. This not only means less input of physical strength, but also some new added innovative features. Over the years Black & Decker has built a strong place in the market for outdoor tools. One such is the Black & Decker LM175 lawn mower.

Overview And Features

Determining the kind of lawn mower your yard requires can be a confusing job since every home owner or gardener has varied necessities. Understanding the features of any tool is the first step in choosing your product. Following is an in-depth overview of the characteristics and features of the Black & Decker LM175.

Functional design: This compact yet stylish lawn mower comes with an 18 inch wide deck which along with strong carbon steel blades makes it easy to maneuver around the lawn cutting all kinds of grass efficiently. You also have the option of adjusting the cutting height on all wheels with a single lever between 1 inch and 3.5 inches to get the ideal cutting height for your yard. Furthermore, you may also discharge the clipping on the side or bag them in a clippings bag which you will have to purchase separately and is highly recommended by our customers.

Power and Performance: At only 35 pounds and with a sturdy 6.5 Amp motor, the Black & Decker LM175 is easy to push around slopes and uneven terrains without any glitch in the cutting quality. As far a 100 feet extension wire can easily reach, the owners do not have to worry about any gas or battery finishing since this powerful lawn mower is known to easily cut a quarter acre yard.

Maintenance and Storage: Clean electrical energy means zero emissions neither any oil changes nor tune-ups thus, making this lawn mower easy to maintain. You only need to get your blades sharpened every 5 to 6 months and keep the underside of the mower clean. In terms of safety, technicians have installed a safety switch on the handle which needs to be held down in order for the mower to work and if released, then the blades and mower stop moving automatically. Since it comes with a retractable ergonomic handle, it is easily to fold it up in order to store it away in small and compact spaces such as your garage or tools shed.

Pros and Cons


  • No carbon foot print.
  • Lightweight.
  • Blades are rustproof.


  • Need to buy an extension cable.
  • Need to buy a separate clippings bag.
  • Has no Mulching option.


What do customers have to say about the Black & Decker LM175?

It is hard to determine the worth of any lawn mower before using it thus, what better way is there than reviewing customer feedbacks to understand whether the mower that you intend to buy is genuine and not a hoax. The Black & Decker LM175 received an overall 4.5 rating on Amazon which establishes it as one of the best mowers in its category. People exclaimed with joy of not needing to spend any excessive money on gas or tune ups since this electrical lawn mower runs on clean green energy with zero harmful emissions. Amongst all the pleasantries, there were a few critical feedbacks regarding the purchase of the clippings bag separately and the lack of a mulching option for the clippings.


The Black & Decker LM175 is an amalgamation of functionality, durability and cost efficiency. If you have a small to medium sized lawn with an electrical socket close by then this lawn mower will not disappoint you. Its sleek design and quality assured results will make your lawn mowing task fun and enjoyable in only $144 if you purchase this beautiful and innovative machine from Amazon.